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Expand Your Knowledge. Work with the best industry insights on financing your acquisitions, repairs and improvements. Short daily ideas and suggestions that support your growth goals! Gain enough insights to qualify for communication opportunities with industry leaders.


Successfully connecting our community of wholesalers, flippers, and investors.  237 transactions year to date.


Work With Others to Improve Your Self. The community wall exposes you to the success and failures of others flippers allowing you to gain real knowledge like no other platform provides. The strength of your knowledge will be your new community.

Fund2FlipApp - learn how to flip houses

The App

Never worry again about financing acquisitions, repairs and improvements for your house flipping business plan with Fund2Flip, the premier app for the tips of the industry, hot property listings and an engaging community of successful home flippers in the state of California. Plus, find tips and watch our short podcasts on topics like learn how to flip houses and flipping houses 101.

Other states coming soon!